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I always use this application to record business calls. For me it is very important to know literally what was the conversation about. I think it's really convenient and simple.


$2.99 to download an App that will not verify my number. I want a refund ASAP.


Freaking liers!!!!!!! Stold my money


You pay for the app ($2.99) and on top of that you have to pay per minute!! SCAM!!

Real junk

Cant verify my phone number!! Want my money back!


Can't verify my phone number in step one, app doesn't provide verification code they ask for. Want my money back!


Don't buy this app. This is waste of money. Can't verify my phone number. I want my refund


Can't verify my phone # then I couldn't use the app. Need my money back.


This app purports to be a call recorder inbound and outbound, wrong! Outbound calls ONLY, and you have to dial them from their app. You are charged for calls after a certain time limit. You are limited to the first 60 seconds of recorded time for any calls. Works great for an android device. Save your money if using on iPhone!

Worst app ever

Scam app I paid for the app and then charges you to use it. Worst app ever

Record and relisten

A very useful app. It helps me a lot in my work. As a personal assistant I deal a lot wuth different documents, papers and, surely, I have to make a lot of calls. With this app I just can throw away my pen and pad because I can just record everything and reread it later. Lots of opportunities: recording of all calls, share recordings via sms, cheapest way to make international calls no limit on the number of recordings! And that's all combined in just one app!

Waste of money

I was looking for an app to record my calls to avoid carrying a recorder around. I work in sales and since I switched to iPhone I have not found an app I like. This apps is NOT it.


It dosnt work What should i do

For reliable and convenient calls recording

The most useful tool on my iPhone. It records all my calls so then I usually play them and make a to-do list. Actually, it never let me down yet.

Just Great

The most useful application I found here, there is simply nothing to replace it, an excellent interface and nice design is all simple and clear

App does not WORK!

Downloaded it and attempted to set up ok my iPhone--tested it to see how it works and it couldn't complete a single outgoing call. Would disconnect after one or two rings on each call. Terrible.

Please do NOT BUY IT

Wasting money


My brother has this for android and works I bought it for that reason. After buying it, it works nothing like his. You have to dial out from the app in order for it to record...and with that, it costs $$$ to record the call!! Like what? How is it completely free for android users and it automatically records every call dialed and received!!! Junk, do not buy. I want a refund.

Helps with my business

This app helps me to anonymously collect statistics from my customers. Also, it's very cheap compared to other ways of doing so. I love the update, it improved calls quality a lot.

It didn't work for me

When I try to verify the code when I received the call. It start saying that the code was wrong. Then I tried again and it did give me a code until I end the call. I tried to verify again with the code I got and the machine said it was wrong.

Would not work

I have the free version on my Samsung. Bought this version for my iPhone and will not record any calls. Worthless POS! Waste of money.

handy tool

Very easy to record and store calls, easy labeling, easy download. Outstanding value for the price

Way to many steps to record a call

I wish I had read more into this app because I Paid for it and then realized they charge you for every call and the steps to record one are ridiculous! Biggest waste of money ever! I want a refund.

Do not hesitate!

This app is very useful in my career. I can record all calls whatever long they are and later relisten them and make extra notes. It is also good for international calls

Good Job

Ones I had a situation when I have to record my call. I found this app and dowloaded it. And it was a good choice. I use this app for many times and it always worked well. A big thanks to developers.

Simple and useful

I use this app for a long time and it became my must have. Interface is user friendly and simple, you can record both incoming and outgoing calls. And it's rather cheap to make intertnational calls.

One of the best call recorders

This app works just perfectly. Recording calls as easy as pressing one button. The recordings quality is high, so I use it always for my work.

Don't use

It notifies the person you are calling that the call is being recorded

It costs to use this!

It wasn't mentioned at all in description it costs "coins" to record a call 5 coins per minute and its costs to buy coins. Why was this not mentioned? Wasted my $.


You need to verify your phone number but the code doesn't display until AFTER the app automatically calls your phone.

Never buy it

I just paid and downloaded this to my phone. It says phone vérifications but i never receive. After it says my country Issa not eligible. Please dont buy. Fake.....

Verify number

I just paid 2.99 and downloaded this to my phone. I can't use it because it says to verify number, the phone rings asking for a 6 digit verification number and it never shows me a verification number.

Can't verify

Dude, you're asking mer to verify my number but you're displaying the code AFTER the call is made which makes the code hidden since there merge call screen covers the code. DEAD LOCK

Wasted money

Just like the another review, I paid for the app and I had the most hassle in trying to get the app to work. I emailed the developer and have not had a response! Don't buy this app!!


This app does not work. Complete scam!!!



Horrible payed for an app that doesn't work

I use to have this app when I had my Samsung I loved this app now that I have an iPhone this app is absolutely horrible I can't even get ahold of its developers to refund me my $ why have an app that doesn't work

Not working

The app is not working. I enter my phone and click verify, I receive the call and it ask for a 6 digit verification code but I don't get a verification code. I remain on the line and go back to the app but it displays a black screen with a record button. Still no verification code.


Total scam. Total waste. Thought this would really help with work, but it's just a money hole. Zero stars

Reap off App

I thought the Automatic Call App will work as it profess in the App Store but I later found out after purchase that it's a reap off. It does not allow you record automatically as it claims and you have to pay before you can make a call and record. This is totally against what it claims it was selling. Beware before buying cheaper Caller Apps!!!

Good app

I am a travel agent, so I must remember every incoming calls. This app helps me not to rewrite notes or retell some information. Now I can't imagine my life without it.

Very useful

This app is helpful in my job. I work with clients via phone, so it's important to remember all the things. With the app my work becomes more effective.

Very handy

I guess it's unreasonable to describe how helpful this app can be. Even in my daily life it helps to solve misconceptions with service operators. As for a job it's a total must-have.

This is a stolen money!!

No where in description of the app tell you, you will need pay for minutes he will record your calls !! It's just a wast of money don't get this app!

Total disappointment

Inferior. I want my money back!

Did not work

Successfully verified my phone number but could not make outgoing calls. I dialed a number and hit the call button and nothing happened. I tried to access my contacts but they wouldn't load.

Super handy tool

The app is literally a life-saver for me. It's really hard to remember everything told on the phone so record it! The interface is really straightforward and the app is easy to use all in all. Totally recommend

Likely scam

Does not work. My friend has the free version on his Samsung Samsung and loves it.

Very usefull for me

Useful app. it works well, as stated, and the quality of recordings is pretty high. The interface is clear and well designed


This app is my indispensable helper. How many times it saved me... When I was need to record an important conversation at my work in court. Many thanks to the developers.

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